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Double Side Grill Fry Pan

Double Side Grill Fry Pan

Double Side Grill Fry Pan

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BEST NON-STICK & ECO-FRIENDLY CERAMIC EXTERIOR - Cook with less oil & easy to clean / PFOA-FREE / Dishwasher Safe / Made in Korea

SMOKELESS COOKING - FDA approved, silicone seal locking in moisture for juicy results while preventing unwanted smoke and odor.

SPLATTER FREE & EFFICIENT COOKING - Flip and cook on either side, upper or lower pans. / Make flipping food easy while retaining heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.

JUICY AND TENDER FOOD - Perfect for omelettes, baked potatoes, slow-roasted
vegetables, steak, fish, fajitas, bacon, frittatas, and more.

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Bought to replace another pair of high tops and was not disappointed. They’re great. Fit perfect. Look perfect.

Emily Y.

Love these!! They fit right in with my stage outfit. Thanks for creating such great Kiks 👍🏻

Tim L.

I have bought many personalised shoes and I love them all!

Betty H.

Coolest shoes I own. Fit well and they've been getting a lot of compliments. Took like 15 days to get here but was worth the wait.

Ferdinand F.
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